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Rich Girls HQ

Enjoy our tailor-made experiences — a path to a lifestyle #reimagined.

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Hey, Girlfriend!

We're a premier membership club that develops curated experiences and resources to educate, elevate and expose women to Rich Living.
We're all about building life-long connections and living your wildest dreams. Whether you're a corporate executive, business owner, stay-at-home mom, or career woman...

You Belong Here!


Ready to step into a lifestyle #reimagined?

Our Core Values

Join a circle of women you can truly do life with. For any woman who is looking to live a richer, more influential life, membership in the Rich Girls Club is invaluable. Members gain access to exclusive discounts, events, resources, and a premier circle of like-minded women who can provide them with the inspiration, knowledge, and support they need to live #ALifestyleReimagined.

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Unlock the Secret to

Rich Living

Join us for our annual, one-of-a-kind experience to enjoy a delicious brunch, award presentations to inspiring leaders, designer giveaways, gifts, and live musical performances – all while socializing with remarkable women. Grab a couple of girlfriends and get on the list! 

You Deserve a Rich Lifestyle!

Connect with us and expand your horizons

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